The first loyalty NFT for your businesses

Cut the line and enjoy 10% off all our services - for life.


We partner with brands to make a positive impact in the world.

100 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that will give holders 10% off of all renga invoices and priority status in our calendar in perpetuity.

Yes, if you receive an invoice from renga, prove you hold a pass and receive 10% off - every time.

The only rule is that you can’t stack the discount. We’re avoiding a Michael Scott’s golden ticket situation

Mint price: 2 ETH
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Why are you doing this?

As a bootstrapped studio that wants to continue to grow and do work we’re proud of, it’s not always easy to raise money without giving up some level of control.

If we want to continue to solve some of the world’s most ambitious problems with design we need to raise a little bit of money for our operations while ensuring that our partners can get even more value back right away.

Why should I buy this?

To save money on any brand design or strategy work with a kick-ass studio. Our average job is between $75,000 - $100,000, so at today’s ETH price, you would nearly double your investment on the first project.

Plus, the 10% discount is forever. As long as you hold the NFT, you’ll save money. And, if you decide you no longer want the pass, you can always sell it - or give it to a friend.

We are continuing to develop additional perks and utility for holders and will keep adding as we go.

How can I use this?

If you're a business, you hire renga for some strategy or design work.

If you're an investor, you might give this to your portfolio companies as a perk.

If you're someone who believes in renga, you might think that the value of this NFT will increase over time.

Will the value ever increase? 

The value of this NFT is directly tied to the demand of our work. 

We’re an up and coming agency with a growing portfolio and our calendar is filling fast. As our reputation grows, investing in a lifetime discount with us could very well be profitable down the road.  

Even if you don’t use it forever, someone else might be willing to pay you for it.

Why not just use a traditional loyalty card?

We recognize that there are a lot of issues surrounding web3 and we’re not attempting to minimize those. However, we still think there is a lot of potential for solving real world problems with blockchain.

We think Renga Collective can be an innovative application of blockchain that combines aspects of a loyalty card with true digital ownership and transferability

We decided to mint this loyalty card as an NFT because it’s a way of turning it into an investment for our early supporters and fans. It has the real world value of a partner loyalty card with the added bonus of being able to sell it down the road as we become more profitable as a business. 

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How do I get ETH to buy one?

This isn’t as easy as it should be, which is exactly why we are getting more involved in this space.

If you’re in Canada, there are a few options; PayTrie, Shakepay, Newton are all options we’ve used.

You’ll want to get a browser wallet like Metamask to be able to connect to our mint page.

If this feels overwhelming (it did for us too) then shoot us an email and we can help you out:


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