Scope of work

Brand strategy, Visual Identity, Web Design


Property Development



Castlepoint takes a tremendous amount of care and effort in all of their developments. They approached renga to build them a website that captured their care.



Building a brand for a rocket ship

Float came to Renga for a full brand design and website build after successfully raising a $5 Million seed round.
The Challenge:
Float knew they had a product that Canadian SMBs needed—a smart and simple way to manage company spending. What they needed next was a brand to tell their story. One that would engage new customers and attract top-tier talent.
Float’s team and product were bold. They were entering into a market no startups had ventured into before. We wanted to honour Float’s big vision while expressing simplicity and trustworthiness for the Canadian financial space. From a visual perspective, we led with a stark black and white approach with a smaller hit of colour to represent the simple utility of the platform. This left room for strong copy to showcase the clever nature of the company.  Float’s symbol was designed to convey a dynamic balance 
of power, multiplicity, and expertise. There is a sense of movement, but in an orderly way.
Float’s software introduces many important benefits for finance teams so we went to Float’s user to understand what was most important to them. The platform allowed them to be less burdened in their roles and focus on strategic tasks to help their companies grow. We used these insights to build a way of communicating that resonated with Float’s customers and expressed Float’s intention of simplifying business spending

The challenge

Castlepoint is a family business with a legacy of embedding themselves into the communities that they contribute to. During COVID-19 it became increasingly difficult for them to connect with their communities in person. They wanted to build a website that would reflect their empathetic approach.

Building potential, from the ground up.

The Strategy

Every project that Castlepoint takes on is a long-term partnership with the community of where the site belongs. Many of these projects can take a decade for Castlepoint to restore the site and hear the communities needs.

Since each project is incredibly unique, we wanted to build a website and visual system that would allow the project to speak for itself.

Empathy and property development unfortunately rarely collide, so it was important that the heart of Alfredo and his team was felt through a more human visual system.


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