Renga was tasked by Craft to build out a fresh brand identity and new website that could make a more lasting impression with potential customers in a digital context.

Our Role
Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Web Design
Home branding imagery
The Challenge

Craft Contracting has twenty years of experience offering quality service to their clients, however as more and more customer interactions are moving to a digital space, the previous Craft brand and website was struggling to make a connection. The company wanted an online presence that could match the high quality of their work.

Our Approach

Renga worked with the team at Craft to focus in on the core offerings of their brand and designed a fresh brand identity around those pillars. The goal was something that felt cutting edge while establishing trust in the company’s experience.

Once the brand was established, a new website was built that would better help potential customers understand Craft’s offerings and highlight just how customizable their services could be. It was important that we found ways to showcase the broad range of their work so that any potential customer could see Craft meeting their unique needs.

Home branding imagery
Home branding imagery
Home branding imagery
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Craft Contracting

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