Renga helped the founder establish a clear brand narrative as he prepared for a round of seed fundraising to launch a product to help a generation of first time home buyers.

Our Role
Brand Strategy
Pitch Deck
Landing Page
Brand Messaging
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The Challenge

Home began as an attempt to address a specific problem: helping millennials save money to buy their first home. The founder had done a lot of research to determine the viability of the product, but was having difficulty narrowing down which ideas to implement.

He needed a compelling and straightforward pitch to be able to go into his first round of fundraising.

Our Approach

Through several strategy sessions, Renga was able to help the founder think through his product from a consumer perspective and focus on the right deliverables in order to tell a coherent brand story. We worked with him to create a pitch deck and preliminary brand identity to successfully equip his fundraising efforts.

Save for the future

Our parents made housing a business, we're making it about home again.

Home branding imagery
Home branding imagery
Save faster

Home provides a base 2% interest for all accounts, plus an extra 6% boosted savings, paid out when you purchase your home. Afford your ideal home in up to half the time.

Home branding imagery
“Renga is more co-founder than agency. They nailed the visual identity, helped me craft my story, and refined what were often scattered ideas I had. I hired them from inception and they’ve been there for me since day one.”
Craig Hunter
Founder of Home

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