Renga worked with the client to craft a compelling narrative and visual brand identity for the launch of their new data sharing B2B platform.

Our Role
Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Web Design
Irys black logo with a fade yellow background
The Challenge

The client had a great idea for a new product that would give small - mid-sized companies the ability to share their data in clear and compelling ways.

Our challenge was to to create a visual system for them that would be able to complement and accommodate the brand styles of their users. This needed to look simple, yet confident.

We also needed to tell their brand story in a way that made sharing data something that average people could get excited about.

Our Approach

We worked with the client to understand the problem that their product was trying to solve and built their brand around that.

Behind the Irys brand is the idea of bringing data into focus and out of the shadows. It’s about democratizing data by giving everyone the tools needed to both share and understand it.

Home branding imagery
Home branding imagery
Home branding imagery
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