Renga collaborated with the Lunie team to build out a brand identity that better represents their team and the future they are trying to build in the world of proof of stake blockchain networks.

Our Role
Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Web Design
Home branding imagery
The Challenge

Lunie was initially built as a prototype project from a blockchain development company, which meant the app and branding looked like it was from a blockchain development company: dark, heavy, built for hackers.

The founders wanted to differentiate themselves from the competition — Lunie is for everyone who is interested, not just the command-line wizards looking to make a quick buck.

Our Approach

Renga worked closely with the Lunie team to understand and define their brand. Through conversation, exercises, and user research we designed a brand centered around what makes them unique: staking, fun, and accessibility.

Home branding imagery
Home branding imagery
Home branding imageryHome branding imageryHome branding imagery
“Working with Renga was transformational for our business. They were outstanding partners in both design and strategy. Renga helped us build a brand identity we're proud of. They were integral in helping us find our voice as a company.”
Jordan Bibla
Co-founder of Lunie

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