Renga helped the MoneyClip team turn an early technical concept into a fully formed market ready peer-to-peer payments app for the Canadian market.

Our Role
Brand Strategy
Product Design
Web Design
Art Direction
Home branding imagery
The Challenge

The MoneyClip team had an ambitious idea and a great technical team, however they were looking to build a consumer facing app for a market they did not fully understand. Although their idea was strong, they were in need of a design team who could build them a brand and experience that would connect with their target users.

Our Approach

Renga joined MoneyClip as a strategic partner, building both the brand and the product to prepare for its initial launch to the Canadian market. We continue to offer ongoing strategic and design support.

Home branding imagery
Home branding imageryHome branding imagery
Home branding imageryHome branding imageryHome branding imageryHome branding imagery
“Our start-up will live or die on brand messaging. We were lucky to find a team that simultaneously wears creative, entrepreneur, and customer hats.”
Brian Lock
Co-founder of MoneyClip

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