The Possible Now Podcast

Renga created a podcast interview series with the people and businesses who are working towards a better future for us all.

Our Role
Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Web Design
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The Challenge

As we become increasingly concerned with the topic of sustainability in our own practices, we became aware of just how little we understood it. In order to learn more we decided to conduct a series of interviews with people and companies that were making an impact in this area. We then decided to launch those interviews as a podcast.

Our Approach

We wanted to share our research and journey with others who may have been asking similar questions to us. As we talked with these industry leaders, we learned that sustainable practices are so much bigger than we had initially thought. This caused us to think through so many aspects of our creative approach - even shaping the way we designed and hosted the website for the podcast.

Home branding imagery
Here are 3 practical design principles that we’ve implemented into our podcast’s visual identity that we hope will positively impact the environment.
written by
Landon Wideman
Lead Designer, Renga
Duotone Imagery

Reducing the amount of colours in imagery should generally result in smaller file sizes. In terms of environmental sustainability, smaller file sizes when viewed on the web produce quicker load times (reduced energy consumption by servers). For The Possible Now podcast, we decided to treat all of our photography in greyscale (black and white). I found that in a quick experiment I was able to reduce photo file size anywhere from 8% - 49% just by making it greyscale.

Home branding imageryHome branding imagery
Website Carbon

As we searched for website hosts, it was a priority of ours to chose a sustainable, eco-friendly option. There are options out there to host website’s entirely on green friendly power sources like solar or wind. After researching our options we decided to go with Green Geeks as our web host. Green Geeks is Canadian (like us) and is powered by renewable energy.

Dark Mode

As part of our research on sustainability in the digital world, we came across the fact that dark theme websites and interfaces require less backlight to light up the screens of the devices that they are displayed on. Makes sense right?Knowing this, we’ve added a dark theme option to our website’s interface. By using the website’s dark theme, viewers will use less energy to power their screens — having less of an impact on the environment over time.

Home branding imageryHome branding imageryHome branding imageryHome branding imagery
“The Possible Now is a very accurately named podcast. It’s helped me learn how sustainability is possible in a capitalistic society... now. I’ve learned about the history of sustainability as a concept and it gives good examples of how this can be a profitable business strategy, and why more importantly, it’s a necessary human strategy.”
Craig Miller
Inside Sales Executive, Trapeze Group

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