Scope of work

Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, 
Art Direction, Packaging





Renga created a podcast interview series with the people and businesses who are working towards a better future for us all.



Building a brand for a rocket ship

Float came to Renga for a full brand design and website build after successfully raising a $5 Million seed round.
The Challenge:
Float knew they had a product that Canadian SMBs needed—a smart and simple way to manage company spending. What they needed next was a brand to tell their story. One that would engage new customers and attract top-tier talent.
Float’s team and product were bold. They were entering into a market no startups had ventured into before. We wanted to honour Float’s big vision while expressing simplicity and trustworthiness for the Canadian financial space. From a visual perspective, we led with a stark black and white approach with a smaller hit of colour to represent the simple utility of the platform. This left room for strong copy to showcase the clever nature of the company.  Float’s symbol was designed to convey a dynamic balance 
of power, multiplicity, and expertise. There is a sense of movement, but in an orderly way.
Float’s software introduces many important benefits for finance teams so we went to Float’s user to understand what was most important to them. The platform allowed them to be less burdened in their roles and focus on strategic tasks to help their companies grow. We used these insights to build a way of communicating that resonated with Float’s customers and expressed Float’s intention of simplifying business spending

The challenge

As we become increasingly concerned with the topic of sustainability in our own practices, we became aware of just how little we understood it. In order to learn more we decided to conduct a series of interviews with people and companies that were making an impact in this area. We then decided to launch those interviews as a podcast.

the possible now

A podcast series with the people and businesses who are working towards a better future for us all.


The Strategy

We wanted to share our research and journey with others who may have been asking similar questions to us. As we talked with these industry leaders, we learned that sustainable practices are so much bigger than we had initially thought. This caused us to think through so many aspects of our creative approach - even shaping the way we designed and hosted the website for the podcast.

Craig Miller

Inside sales executive, trapeze group


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